Create Diagram Profiles

Custom Diagram Types

You can create extended diagram types in Enterprise Architect and include them in MDG Technologies. To do this, perform the following steps.

  1. Create a profile with the same name as the MDG Technology in which it is to be included; for example, SysML.
  2. Create a «stereotype» Class element that is named as the custom diagram, for example, BlockDefinition.
  3. Create a Class element and name it as one of the Built-In Diagram Types prefixed with Diagram_, for example Diagram_Logical for Class diagrams or Diagram_Use Case for Use Case diagrams.
  1. Give the Diagram_x Class the «metaclass» stereotype and draw an «extends» connector from the stereotype to the metaclass.
  2. In the Notes field, give the stereotype Class a brief description of what the diagram is used for. This description displays in the bottom right-hand corner of the New Diagram dialog.
  3. Give the Diagram_x Class the following attributes as required:
  • alias: string = Type (where Type appears before the word 'Diagram' on the diagram title bar)
  • diagramID: string = abc (where abc is the diagram type that appears in the diagram frame label)
  • toolbox: string = ToolboxName (where ToolboxName is the name of the toolbox profile for the toolbox that opens automatically each time a diagram is opened)
  • frameString: string = FrameFormatString (where FrameFormatString is a string containing substitution macros for defining the frame title, with or without additional delimiters such as [ ]; macros that can be used are:
  • #DGMID#
  • swimlanes: string = Lanes=2;Orientation=Horizontal;Lane1=Title1;Lane2=Title2; (where Lanes can be any value, but the number of Lane<n> values must equal the value of Lanes; Orientation can be omitted, in which case the swimlanes default to vertical)
  • styleex: string = one or more of a range of values; see Attribute Values - stylex & pdata
  • pdata: string = one or more of a range of values; see Attribute Values - stylex & pdata.

The following example shows the DFD diagram profile which defines a DFD diagram as an extension of the Enterprise Architect Analysis diagram.


  1. Save the diagram as a profile in the usual manner.
  2. Add the diagram profile to the .MTS file used in the MDG Technology.