Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Migrate BPMN 1.0 Model to BPMN 1.1


This facility is available from Release 7.5 of Enterprise Architect.

Enterprise Architect enables you to migrate a BPMN 1.0 model (or part of a model) to BPMN 1.1, using the Automation Interface function MigrateToBPMN11(). This function  updates the Tagged Values and, if required, stereotypes to BPMN 1.1 for all elements, attributes, connectors and diagrams under the selected package or element.


In BPMN 1.0, various tags have free-text direct-entry value fields, and you can provide additional information on these tags in the Tagged Value Note dialog for display at the bottom of the Tagged Values window.

In BPMN 1.1, some of these tags (such as the Categories tag on a BusinessProcess stereotyped element) have been changed to memo type, and you use the Tagged Value Note dialog to enter the value; therefore, you cannot have additional notes for these tags, all information must be within the tag's value.

For such tags, when migrating from BPMN 1.0 to BPMN 1.1, the BPMN 1.0 tag value is moved into the BPMN 1.1 tag notes field and the BPMN 1.0 tag notes are discarded. If you want to preserve the tag notes text, take a copy of the BPMN 1.0 model before migration to enable you to copy the tag notes text into the tag value after migration.


The following VB script calls the MigrateToBPMN11() function to migrate the Tagged Values to BPMN 1.1:


Sub MigrateElement (sGUID, lngPackageID)


       Dim proj as EA.Project

       set proj = Repository.GetProjectInterface

       proj.MigrateToBPMN11 sGUID, "BPMN"


       'refresh the model

       If lngPackageID<>0 Then

               Repository.RefreshModelView (lngPackageID)

       End If


End Sub


Sub MigrateSelectedItem


       Dim selType

       Dim selElement as EA.Element

       Dim selPackage as EA.Package


       selType = GetTreeSelectedItemType


       If selType = 4 Then 'means Element

               set selElement = GetTreeSelectedObject

               MigrateElement selElement.ElementGUID, selElement.PackageID

               MsgBox "Complete",0,"BPMN 1.1 Migration"


       ElseIf selType = 5 Then 'means Package

               set selPackage = GetTreeSelectedObject

               MigrateElement selPackage.PackageGUID, selPackage.PackageID

               MsgBox "Complete",0,"BPMN 1.1 Migration"



               MsgBox "Select a Package or Element in the Project Browser to initiate migration",0,"BPMN 1.1 Migration"


       End If


End Sub


Sub Main




End Sub