SysML Internal Block Toolbox

You can access the SysML Internal Block Toolbox pages through the More tools | SysML |  SysML Internal Block menu option. These pages provide the SysML elements to design SysML block compositions within Internal Block Diagrams.

SysML_TB BlockInternal



Use to

SysML Block Internal


Describe the decomposition of a SysML Block subsystem in the context of its whole, using instances of reusable SysML Blocks.


Connector Part

Create a SysML connector part.


Distributed Part

Create a SysML distributed part.


Flow Part

Create a SysML flow part.


Participant Part

Create a SysML participant part.



Define a SysML message, containing attributes, exchanged between system blocks in an interaction.



Describe a structural interaction point of a SysML Block which, in turn, connects between interacting parts of a block.


Port (flow)

Describe what flows in and out of interacting SysML Blocks.


Flow Specification

Define a set of flow properties that correspond to individual pieces of a common interaction point.

SysML Block Internal Relationships


Establish a traceable relationship describing how one element is dependant upon another.


Item Flow

Specify the items that flow across a connector in an interaction point.


Binding Connector

Establish a connection between two parts in a system decomposition.