Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

View Requirements

Use the following windows and facilities to: locate and list Requirement elements in the model; add, move and delete the elements; display and edit the properties and characteristics of individual elements; and generate reports on packages or specific elements.

  • Project Browser - shows the content and structure of your model.
  • Element List - lists the elements in a diagram or package, filtered and sorted according to the settings you define; shows all or selected default properties of each element.
  • (Requirements) Diagram - shows the arrangement of a group of Requirements, and can show whether the elements are in the same package or different packages.
  • Model Search - enables you to locate Requirements in general in the model, or specific Requirement elements, according to the search criteria you use.
  • Model Views - enables you to maintain links to commonly-used elements, and to rapidly show developments and changes in (Requirement) package contents through either reports or slide shows of selected diagrams.
  • Properties - shows every standard property of a selected element, whether updated by the user or maintained automatically by the system.
  • Tagged Values - shows extended properties of a selected Requirement element.
  • Element Browser - shows every added-on property, such as attributes, operations, Tagged Values and constraints.
  • Notes - displays the detailed description of a requirement, and any other additional information recorded on the requirement.