Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Add Object Links

In the Team Review tab you can create hyperlinks to elements and diagrams that are associated with a Post.

This enables rapid navigation to the objects in the Project Browser, access to the element properties and, with diagrams, the ability to open the diagram directly from the Team Review. You can also create links to:

  • Other Categories, Topics and Posts in the Team Review window
  • External files from a file browser.

To associate an element, diagram or Team Review item with the message, drag the object from the Project Browser, Element List, Model Views window, Model Search dialog or Team Review window into the linked elements panel at the bottom of the Team Review tab.

To associate an external file with the message, click on and drag the file name from any browser into either the linked elements panel or the text of the message itself (although they behave in exactly the same way). The filename becomes a link to the file; click on it to display the contents of the file.

The external file name also becomes a link to the file within the message when you drag the filename onto a Topic to create a post.


To access the navigation options of each object in the linked elements section, right-click on the object to display the navigation context menu. The options are outlined in the table below.


Use to


Open the diagram or external file.


Display the element properties for the selected element.

Find in all Diagrams

Open the diagram in which the element is used, or display a list of several diagrams in which the element has been used.

Delete Link

Delete the association between the message and the object.