Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Audit Logs

The Audit Settings dialog enables you to administer your audit records.

As the number of records increases, the performance of the Audit View reduces. It is recommended that audit records that are not regularly required are saved to file, then cleared from the project. This helps ensure high performance.

  • Clear Logs - removes all log data from the current project; all data is permanently deleted. To keep the audit records outside the project, click on the Save Logs button to save the records before clearing them from the project
  • Save Logs - saves a copy of the log items currently held in the database; these items remain in the database. To remove the items after saving the copy, click on the Clear Logs button
  • Load Logs - enables you to load a previously saved set of logs back into the project. The file is not deleted by this operation. If duplicate logs exist in both the project and the file, these are skipped.


Some of these functions can be accessed through the Automation Interface. For more information, see the Repository topic.

If you save or clear the log items, Enterprise Architect prompts you to specify whether to save or clear the items covering a specific period of time.

  • If you click on the No button, you save or clear all log items currently held in the database.
  • If you click on the Yes button, the Time Filter dialog displays, on which you select a standard time period or define your own.