Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Audit Options

The following elements are always audited:

  • Packages
  • Notes
  • Boundary
  • Text
  • Diagrams (if on Standard level)
  • Security (if on Extended level)

The audit options enable you to configure auditing to record changes to only certain types of elements.

  • Maintenance - select this radio button to audit maintenance elements; that is:
  • Package
  • Requirement
  • Feature
  • Use Case
  • Actor
  • Note
  • Issue
  • Change
  • Core Structural - select this radio button to audit maintenance elements plus some structural elements; that is:
  • Package
  • Class
  • Interface
  • Signal
  • Node
  • Component
  • Artifact
  • Part
  • Port
  • Device
  • All - select this radio button to audit all elements
  • Custom - select this radio button to audit element types that you specify.

If you select the Custom option, the Customize button is made available. Click on this button to display a list of element types, and select the checkbox against each element type to include in the audit (or click on the Select All button to select every element type). Click on the OK button to save the selection.


Connectors are audited when they are connected to an element that is included in the Audit Options.