Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Capture Current Work Environment

You can capture the current Enterprise Architect work environment, so that you can access the model at exactly the same point in exactly the same environment when you resume work.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Enterprise Architect (perhaps by using an existing shortcut).
  2. On the Start Page, open the required project.
  3. Perform the work you need to do.
  4. When you decide to capture your work environment in a shortcut, ensure that you have opened all diagrams you require and, if necessary, the Team Review, Model Search (with appropriate search term and type) and/or Relationship Matrix (at the appropriate profile). Ensure that the view you want to resume work on is the last one opened.
  5. Select the File | Save Project As menu option. The Save As dialog displays, showing a list of actions derived from the views you currently have opened.
  6. If you accessed Enterprise Architect via a shortcut, the Target File field displays the file location of that shortcut. If you intend to update the shortcut, go to step 10.
  7. Otherwise, click on the [ ... ] (Browse) button at the end of the Target File field. The Save Project As dialog displays.
  8. Browse for the appropriate file location (such as C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Desktop) and, in the File name field, type an appropriate filename. All shortcuts are .EAP files, regardless of whether the model itself is a .EAP file or a DBMS model.
  9. Click on the Save button to return to the Save As dialog.
  10. Click on one of the following:
  • The Copy radio button to create a direct copy of the model, and click on the OK button to save the copy and end the procedure.
  • The Shortcut radio button to create a desktop shortcut for the model.


These radio buttons display only if the model is a .EAP file. If the model is a DBMS file, the target file can only be a shortcut. See the Encrypt Repository Password topic.

  1. If you decide not to have a view in the shortcut, click on the checkbox to remove the tick. The entry is deleted when you save the shortcut.
  2. If you decide to change the sequence and/or make a different view display first in the Diagram View, click on the appropriate entry and click on the 'Up Hand' or 'Down Hand' buttons.
  1. Click on the OK button to save the shortcut.


If you open the Save As dialog when no views are open, the Actions when model is opened field is empty. You can save the shortcut like this to totally clear it. Alternatively, if views are listed that you do not want to use again, click on the Include None button and save the shortcut.