Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Controlled Package Menu

The Package Control sub-menu is available from the Project Browser Package context menu.

This menu is for a package that itself is not under version control (but that might contain child packages that are under version control). For a package that is directly under version control, see the Package Version Control Menu topic.

Menu Option & Function Keys

Use to

Configure (various settings for the package)

Display the Package Control Options dialog, which enables you to specify whether this package (and its child packages) is controlled and which file it is controlled through.

Manage Baselines  [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[B]

Create a Baseline of the current package, or compare the current package with a previous Baseline.

Check In Branch

For the selected branch of the model, (that is, the selected package and all of its child packages) display the Select Packages to Check In dialog, listing all version controlled packages within that branch that are checked out to you. You can then select packages in the displayed list, to be submitted for check-in.

Check Out Branch

For the selected package, check out the package and recursively check out all of its contained sub-packages.  Retrieves the latest version of the packages from the central repository, overwriting the current packages.  After check out, the packages are available for editing.

Save package to file  [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[S]

Save a controlled package to an XMI file.

Load package from file  [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[L]

Load a previously-saved XMI file.

View package XMI  [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[X]

Display the package XMI after the package has been exported to XMI.

Compare with XMI file

(Package not under version control.) Compare the current package with a previously-saved XMI file of the package.

Add Branch to Version Control

Apply version control to all packages within a selected model branch, in a single operation.

Export as Model Branch

Export a newly created model branch from your own private copy of a model.

Import a Model Branch

Retrieve a model branch and import it into either the source model or another model.

Get package (for version control)

Enables you to gain access from packages in the version-controlled repository that is currently available in your model.

Get All Latest (for version control)

Retrieve the latest version of the package from the repository. Available only for packages that are checked in.

The alternative option Get Latest - if displayed - is not intended for sharing .EAP files and should only be used when users have their own individual databases.

Re-synch Status With VC Provider

(Version controlled package.) Update the version control status value recorded for the selected package in the Enterprise Architect project to match the value reported by the version control provider, without performing an XMI import or export.

Version Control Settings

Display the Version Control Settings dialog.

Update Package Status

Provide a bulk update on the status of a package. This includes status options such as Proposed, Validate and Mandatory.