Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Create Copy Or Shortcut

You can specifically define each view that your model shortcut should open; for example, if you are specifying a working environment in advance, perhaps for other users.

You can also capture the current Enterprise Architect work environment, which is useful if you want to access the model at exactly the same point in exactly the same environment when you resume work.

To specifically set up your start-up shortcut or take a copy of the model, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Start Page, open the required project.
  2. Select the File | Save Project As menu option. The Save As dialog displays.
  3. Click on the [ ... ] (Browse) button at the end of the Target File field. The Save Project As dialog displays.
  4. Browse for the appropriate file location (such as C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Desktop) and, in the File name field, type an appropriate filename. All shortcuts are .EAP files, regardless of whether the model itself is a .EAP file or a DBMS model.
  5. Click on the Save button to return to the Save As dialog.
  6. Click on one of the following:
  • The Copy radio button to create a direct copy of the model, and click on the OK button to save the copy and end the procedure
  • The Shortcut radio button to create a desktop shortcut for the model


These radio buttons display only if the model is a .EAP file. If the model is a DBMS file, the target file can only be a shortcut. See the Encrypt Repository Password topic.

  1. Click on the Add Other button and select the required option to define:
  • A diagram to open
  • A Relationship Matrix profile to open
  • The Team Review
  • A Model Search to perform.

       The appropriate browser or dialog displays to define the view to display. Enter the details and click on the OK button.

  1. Repeat step 7 for as many views as you require. Each entry is automatically selected, with a tick in the checkbox.
    To delete an entry, click on the checkbox to remove the tick. The entry is deleted when you save the shortcut.
  2. To change the sequence and/or make a different view display first in the Diagram View, click on the appropriate entry and click on the 'Up Hand' or 'Down Hand' buttons.
  3. Click on the OK button to save the shortcut.

When you subsequently open the Save As dialog, it lists the currently-opened views in the order in which they were opened. You can add further views or remove them from the shortcut.