Create Master Document

Whilst you can create Model Document elements separately and generate individual documents from each one, you have added flexibility and scope if you organize Model Documents under a Master Document. You can generate a document with a corporate template for the covers, contents, headers and footers, whilst each section (generated from a separate Model Document) has its own appearance defined by a template appropriate to the section content.

To create a Master Document element, follow the steps below:

  1. Open or create the diagram in which to create the Master Document.
  2. In the Toolbox, select More Tools | Documentation.
  3. Drag the Master Document icon onto the diagram. The system prompts you for the name of the Master Document.
  4. Type the element name and click on the OK button. The system creates the Master Document element and a child Custom diagram of the same name.
  5. Open the Tagged Values window (View | Tagged Values) and click on the Master Document element. The RTFTemplate Tagged Value displays in the window.
  6. The RTFTemplate Tagged Value defaults to (model document: master template). If you want to use an alternative master template, click on the drop down arrow at the right of the field and click on that template in the list.
  7. Return to the Project Browser and open the Master Document child diagram.

At this point, you create the Model Document elements in the child diagram, to provide the content for the generated document.

When you have added all your Model Document elements to the Master Document diagram, the Master Document element resembles the following:


Your completed Master document element and child diagram display in the Project Browser as shown below: