Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Diagram Options

This topic refers to options on the Diagram page of the Diagram Properties dialog, used when generating RTF reports for a particular diagram (using either the extended or Legacy RTF Report Generator). Display the dialog page by double-clicking on the diagram background, and select the Diagram tab.

Document Options

Exclude Image from RTF Documents

Select this checkbox to exclude the image of the current diagram from any RTF reports.

Document Each Contained Element in RTF

Select this checkbox to ensure the RTF report generator includes details of elements that belong in other - external - packages but that are linked into this diagram within the package being reported on. The report includes external elements for each diagram on which you have selected the checkbox.

On the Generate RTF Documentation dialog, the Include all Diagram Elements in Report checkbox defaults to selected, to include external elements for every diagram covered by the report. Therefore, to include external elements only for selected diagrams, deselect this checkbox.

In either case, you must enable the Package.Diagram.Element or Package.Element section in your (customized) document generation templates in order to include this external element information in the report. To enable the template section:

  1. Select the Project | Documentation | Rich Text Format (RTF) Report menu option.
  2. Select the appropriate customized template (not a system-provided one) in the Use Template field.
  3. Click on the Edit Template button to display the RTF Template Editor.
  4. In the Sections panel on the left-hand side of the editor window, select the Package::Diagram::Element checkboxes.

Document Editor Sections


  • If using the Legacy RTF generator, the Element checkbox is automatically checked in your customized template, when you select the Document each contained element in RTF checkbox.
  • Package::Diagram::Element, if left blank, replicates the format of Package::Element including sub-element sections (for example, Package::Element::Scenario). Package::Diagram::Element does not have an option to add these sections.

Selecting the checkboxes adds the following set of sections to your report template:


To report on the linked elements in:

  • the same style as defined in the Package::Elements section, delete the [right-click-to-insert-Element-field(s)] text to leave a blank area
  • a different style to the elements within the selected package, set up the style as appropriate.

Divide Diagram Into Multiple Pages

Select this checkbox to divide each large diagram into separate pages in the RTF document.


This option is only effective when the Scaled Printing option is set to None on the Print Advanced dialog.

Rotate Images

Select this checkbox to rotate each diagram image by 90 degrees in the RTF document.


Only valid for bitmap (.bmp) images.