Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Resource Documents

The Resource Document feature enables a particular documentation configuration to be 'remembered', linking the loaded template within the Generate RTF Documentation dialog to the current highlighted package. If a particular template is always used with a specific package, and multiple cases of documentation exist to be propagated, saving these as Resource Documents can ease document generation later.


Resource Documents, saved into the Resources window, save only the package, output file destination and template name from the Generate tab of the Generate RTF Documentation dialog. They do not retain the RTF data separately defined in the Options, Advanced and Element Filter tabs of the dialog.

To save and re-use the options data, edit the template directly in the template editor and use the File | Document options option to set the values as part of the template.

To create and use Resource Documents, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Generate RTF Documentation dialog.
  2. Click on the Resource Document button. The Save current as document definition dialog displays:
  3. In the Enter Value field, type a name for the document and click on the OK button. The document is added to the Resources window for easy future access (as for the usecasedoc entry in the illustration below).
  4. To generate documentation from the Resources window, right-click on the required document. The context menu displays.
  5. Select the required option.

The context menu options are:

  • Open Document - Opens the corresponding .RTF file, as specified by the RTF template Filename property
  • Generate Document - Opens the Generate RTF Documentation dialog, loaded with the specified template
  • Auto Generate Document - Generates documentation, with the document located at the path specified by the template's Filename property
  • Delete Document - Removes the specified document.

Batch Generate Resource Documents

To generate a number of RTF documents at the same time, right-click on the RTF Documents folder name and select the Generate Documents context menu option. The Batch Document Generation dialog displays.


The dialog lists all resource documents in the RTF Documents folder, defaulted to selected. Deselect the checkbox against each document that you do not want to generate (or click on the Deselect All button to clear all selections, then select those you require). Click on the OK button to generate each of the remaining reports into their respective target file locations.

The Generate All Documents context menu option automatically generates every document in the RTF Documents folder, without displaying the Batch Document Generation dialog.