Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Select Components for Reporting

To select model components to be documented in the report, using the RTF Style Template Editor:

  1. Expand the Sections tree on the <template name> screen.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the component name; the component name is then displayed as a section tag in the Content panel. Guidance in selecting some of the components is provided in:
  1. Add content to each report component.

The position of the section tags within the Sections tree determines the position of the model component in the Content panel. For encapsulated components, selecting a child component automatically selects the parent also.

To move a model component to a different position in the documentation template:

  1. Select the component in the Sections panel.
  2. Click on uphand and downhand to move the component up and down the Sections panel.

For example, the section tag for Package | Diagram | Element is displayed in the Sections panel above the section tag for Package | Diagram | Connector.



If the Package.Diagram.Element checkboxes are selected, you must select either the Document each contained element in RTF checkbox in the Diagram Properties dialog for at least one included diagram, or the Include all diagram elements in report checkbox on the Generate RTF Documentation dialog.

Linked Documents and Document Artifact Contents

Linked documents and documents created via the Document Artifact element are rendered into RTF Documentation by selecting the Linked Document checkbox in the RTF Style Template Editor.


The Linked Document checkbox is within the Element hierarchy, towards the end. Remember that checkboxes can be moved up and down the hierarchy (as has been done above) to position information in the generated document as you require. In some templates, the Linked Document checkbox is only available as a child of the External Requirements checkbox.

The linked document is rendered into the RTF documentation at:

linked document >
<linked document