Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Activate and Disable Markers

To delete a specific breakpoint, either:

  • If the breakpoint is enabled, click on the red breakpoint circle in the left margin of the Source Code Editor
  • Right-click on the breakpoint marker in the editor and select the appropriate context menu option, or
  • Select the breakpoint in the Breakpoints & Markers tab and press [Delete].

Whether you are viewing the Breakpoints folder or the Breakpoints & Markers window, you can right-click on an existing breakpoint and select a context menu option either to delete it or to convert it to a start recording marker or end recording marker.

You can also delete all breakpoints by clicking on the Delete all breakpoints button on the Breakpoints & Markers window toolbar (Delete Breakpoints).

To disable a breakpoint, deselect its checkbox on the Breakpoints & Markers window or, to disable all breakpoints, click on the Disable all breakpoints button in the toolbar (Disable all breakpoints). The breakpoint is then shown as an empty grey circle. Select the checkbox or use the Enable all breakpoints button to enable it again (Enable all breakpoints).