Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

C++ Options

Configure options for C++ code generation using the C++ Specifications page of the Options dialog (select the Tools | Options | Source Code Engineering | C++ menu option). The options you can specify include:

  • The version of C++ to generate; this controls the set of templates used and how properties are created
  • The default reference type used when a type is specified by reference
  • The default file extensions
  • Default Get/Set prefixes
  • Default source directory
  • The path that Enterprise Architect uses to search for the implementation file. The first path in the list is the default path when generating new implementation files and parsing existing files; if you add further directories, Enterprise Architect also searches these when parsing existing files.
    For example, you have a directory inc that contains all of your headers, while the source code is mixed through directories src, srca, and srcb. You therefore set the Source Path option to ../src/;../srca/;../srcb/. This ensures that new implementation files are generated into src, but when parsing existing files Enterprise Architect looks in all three source directories (but never in the inc directory). You must still ensure that the implementation file name matches the header file name, and that the file extension matches the extension specified in the options. If these conditions are not met, Enterprise Architect cannot handle that code.