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Limit Auto Recording

Deprecated - Do not use

Where the Stack window shows recording to be involved in function calls that are not particularly useful, and that are not being excluded in a filter, you can achieve a quicker and more general picture of a sequence by limiting the stack depth being recorded. You can do this on the Sequence Diagram Recording tab, by selecting the Limit auto recording to stack frame threshold: option.

If you use this option, be aware that the threshold value you set is a relative frame count; that is, the count is relative to the frame at which recording begins. For example:

A breakpoint has occurred, and the Stack window shows five frames. If the stack frame threshold is set to 3 and you begin auto-recording at this breakpoint, the debugger records all function calls between the current frame 5 and a maximum stack frame depth of 8 inclusive.

For situations during auto-recording where the stack  is very large, it is recommended that you first use a low stack frame threshold of 2 or 3, gradually increasing it if necessary to expand the picture. You can also use the threshold to work out which filters you could add to the script in order to further clarify the Sequence diagram that is ultimately produced.

Limit Auto Recording