Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Local Paths Dialog

The Local Paths dialog enables you to set up local paths for a single user on a particular machine. For a description of what Local Paths are used for, see the Local Paths topic. To open the Local Paths dialog, select the Settings | Local Paths option.


The Local Paths dialog enables you to define:

  • Path - the local directory in the file system (for example, d:\java\source)
  • ID - the shared ID that is substituted for the Local Path (for example, JAVA_SRC)
  • Type - the language type (for example, Java).

And also to:

  • Apply Path - Select a path and click on this button to update any existing paths in the model (with full path names) to the shared relative path name (so d:\java\source\ might become %JAVA_SRC%\
  • Expand Path - The opposite of Apply Path. This enables you to remove a relative path and substitute the full path name.

Using the two options you can update and change existing paths.


You can also set up a hyperlink on a diagram to access the Local Paths dialog, to switch, update or expand your current Local Path.