Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Recording Activity for a Class

In addition to setting breakpoints and markers in the code editor, you record all the operations of a class, or a subset by using the Class Markup Feature.

This feature is available from the Project Browser context menu while on a Class. Select the operations to record, choose the marker type and enter a name for the set. When you click on the OK button the markers are stored as a marker set using the name you specify.

This set can then be loaded either before or during a session.

The marker type specifies the action to take when the process encounters that marker.

  • Record function
  • Record Stack Trace
  • Break execution

You can also specify a recording depth. This limits the recording, which if uncontrolled can ultimately produce Sequence Diagrams that are too complicated to read. When you specify a depth, the Debugger does not record beyond this depth.

The depth is relative to the stack depth where the Debugger first encountered the recording marker. So, if the stack depth is 7 when recording begins, and the Limit Depth is set to 3,   the Debugger does not record beyond a Stack depth of 10.