Win32 UI Technology

The MDG Win32 UI Technology enables you to design user interface screens that render as Win32 user interface elements.

Use To:

  • Create and maintain User Interface diagrams in the Win32 User Interface formats

Access:    The Win32 UI facilities are provided in the form of:

  • A Win32 User Interface diagram type, accessed through the New Diagram dialog
  • Win32 User Interface pages in the Toolbox
  • Win32 User Interface element and relationship entries in the Toolbox Shortcut menu and Quick Linker

Win32 User Interface Toolbox Pages:

You can access the Win32 User Interface Toolbox pages through the View | Toolbox: More tools... User Interface - Win32 option.

You can also set Win32 User Interface Modeling as the active default technology to access the Toolbox pages directly.

Disable Win32 User Interface Technology:

If you prefer not to use the Win32 UI Technology in Enterprise Architect, you can disable it (and subsequently re-enable it) using the MDG Technologies dialog (Settings | MDG Technologies).


  • The MDG Win32 User Interface Technology is available in the Enterprise Architect Professional, Corporate and Suite editions