Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Add New Packages

A Package is a container of model elements, and is displayed in the Project Browser as a 'folder' icon.  A Package is required to hold the model building blocks, such as diagrams, elements and other packages.

So, to begin developing your Model, you must create an initial package for your first diagrams.

Use To:

  • Add new packages to your model

How To:



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Select a Package or View in the Project Browser, then either:

  • Click the Add a Package button on the Project Browser toolbar.
  • Press ( Ctrl + W )
  • Select Project | New Package
  • Right-click the Package or View and, from the context menu, select Add | Add Package

The New Model Package dialog displays



Enter a suitable name for the package



Optionally, clear the check mark from Automatically add new diagram



Click on the OK button

The New Model Package dialog closes

A new package is created as a child of the selected package or View



  • When the Automatically add new Diagram option is selected, Enterprise Architect also creates a default diagram within the new package, to speed your development

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