Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.


The Analyzer menu enables you to perform build, debug and profiling operations on your model code.




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Execution Analyzer

Display the Package Scripts window, which enables you to create and export Package Build Scripts.




Build the application for your current script, and execute the Build command in the Build Scripts dialog.

Ctrl + Shift + F12

Build the application


Display the Debug menu, which provides a set of debugging commands.


Debug menu


Display the Record menu, which provides various options for recording a debug session.


Record menu


Display the Profiler window, which enables you to report on runtime aspects such as what functions are most-frequently called in an application, which tasks are taking longer than expected, and which tasks are taking the longest time to execute.


Profiler window


Display the Test submenu, which provides access to the Testpoint Manager and executing a Test script


Test submenu


Display the Simulation window, which enables you to simulate the debugging of an application during the design of that application



Breakpoints & Markers

Display the Breakpoints & Markers window, which you use to  manage breakpoints and markers for debugging


Manage breakpoints and markers

Call Stack

View the currently-running threads in a debugging session, on the Call Stack


Capture Current Work Environment


View the local variables and their values for the current local thread, on the Locals window


Locals window


Evaluate data items that are not available as local variables - such as data items with static Class member items, on the Watches window


Watches window

More Analyzer Windows

Display the More Analyzer Windows submenu, which provides access to the Package Build Scripts dialog, the Workbench window, the Modules window and the Memory Viewer window


More Analyzer Windows submenu


Execute the Run command you configured in the Build Scripts dialog

Ctrl + Alt + N

Add Run Command


Execute the Deploy command you configured in the Build Scripts dialog

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F12

Deploy command