Project Toolbar

The Project toolbar provides tools for performing routine tasks such as creating packages, diagrams and elements, searching the model and generating documentation.

Access:     View | Toolbars | Project

Use to:

  • Reload current project
  • Create new diagrams, packages and elements
  • Perform model searches
  • Generate documentation
  • Examine project issues
  • Review glossary terms
  • Set project options






See also

Reload Project

Reload the current project

Ctrl + Shift + F11

Reload current project

New Diagram

Create a new diagram in currently selected package

Ctrl + Insert


New Package

Create a new package within the currently selected package

Ctrl + W↑↑ ↑↑


New Element

Create a new model element under the currently selected package or element

Ctrl + M


Search Browser

Run a simple search within the project browser

Ctrl + Shift + F


Search Model

Search the entire project using pre-defined and customized searches

Ctrl + F

Model Search

RTF Reports

Define and generate RTF project reports



Project Issues

Review project issues



Project Glossary

Define glossary terms



Set Options

Configure display and behaviour options




  • You can move this toolbar to any dockable position and it retains that position in subsequent sessions
  • You can hide or show the toolbar by clicking on the View | Toolbars | Project menu option