Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Delete Connectors

How to:

To delete a connector, follow the steps below:



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Right-click on the connector

The context menu displays



Select the Delete Connector menu option

The Remove Connector dialog displays; this dialog provides the options to hide the connector so that it remains functional, or remove the connector completely



Click on the appropriate radio button and click on the OK button

If you select the Hide option, it has the same effect as hiding the connector on the Links tab of the source element Properties dialog, or using the Visibility | Hide Connector context menu option

It also hides the connector on the Relationships window

Hiding the Connector



  • The dialog does not display if:
  • You have previously selected the Don't ask again checkbox or
  • On the Links page of the Options dialog (Tools | Options | Links) the Prompt on connector deletes checkbox is not selected
  • Selecting the Don't ask again checkbox also deselects the Prompt on connector deletes checkbox
  • Selecting the Prompt on connector deletes checkbox restores the dialog if you have used the Don't ask again checkbox
  • If you hide the dialog, the Delete Connector context menu option defaults to the setting you last used on the dialog; make sure that you have selected the right option to default to