Toolbox Appearance Options

You can modify the appearance of the Toolbox pages in several ways, through the context menu.

Access:   Right-Click on the Toolbox page




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Hiding labels

To hide the element or relationship labels (and subsequently redisplay them), select the Hide Labels (or Show Labels) context menu option. The icons in the page then 'wrap' within the page, without text labels.


When you hide the labels, you can display the label of an individual element or relationship by moving the cursor over the icon.


Pinning pages

To 'pin' the page so that it displays for any group in the Toolbox, select the Pin in Toolbox menu option. (This is not available on the Common page, which displays in all groups anyway.)

For example, if you 'pinned' the Class elements page, and switched to the Communication pages, the Toolbox would include a collapsed Class elements page underneath the Communication pages.


Unpinning pages

To unpin the page so that it displays only in its own Toolbox group, right-click on it and select the Unpin from Toolbox context menu option.


Collapsing pages

To collapse a page to just show the heading (<type> elements, <type> Relationships or Common), click on the 'minus' box at the left of the page heading. To expand the page again, click on the heading. Alternatively, collapse the page by right-clicking on the page and selecting the Collapse context menu option.


How to:

To tailor the Toolbox to list all pages you require at the same time, follow the steps below:



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Click on the Set Toolbox Visibility context menu option

The Visible Toolbox Pages dialog displays



By default, the dialog lists the element pages only, in the order: UML pages, Extended pages, MDG Technology pages

To include the corresponding relationship pages, select the Show Relationship Pages checkbox at the bottom of the dialog.



For each page to display on the Toolbox, select the Visible checkbox

Deselect the checkbox if you no longer require a page to be displayed



When you have defined the list of pages to display, click on the OK button

The pages you have selected are pinned to the Toolbox in a collapsed state, underneath the current diagram-type pages




To expand a page, click on the heading

You can remove a page individually by expanding it, right-clicking on it and selecting the Unpin from Toolbox context menu option.



  • On a Toolbox page for an MDG Technology or UML Profile, if you right-click directly on a profile element an additional option - Synchronize Stereotype - is available at the end of the context menu. This enables you to synchronize the Tagged Values and constraints for all elements created from the selected profile element
  • MDG Technologies can impose their own Toolbox page visibility. For example, if ICONIX is the active technology, all six ICONIX pages are automatically exposed in the Toolbox. If the active Technology pages duplicate UML or Extended pages (as the ICONIX pages do) then the pinned Technology pages override and replace the pinned UML and Extended pages.For example, if ICONIX is active and you have pinned the Extended Analysis page, the Analysis page in the list is the ICONIX-defined page, not the Extended Analysis page

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