Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Compare Projects

It is often useful to compare the size and row counts of two projects; for example, after:

  • a database crash
  • importing from XMI, or
  • deleting model elements

Enterprise Architect examines the number of rows in each database and produces a report indicating the total records in each and the difference in record count between the two. No examination is made of the data in the table.

Comparing projects this way is a convenient 'sanity check' after restoring a backup or doing a project data transfer. If discrepancies are found, you must investigate further manually.

Access:    Tools | Data Management | Project Compare

Use to:

  • Compare a .EAP file to another .EAP file
  • Compare a .EAP file to a DBMS-based repository
  • Compare two DBMS repositories

How to:



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Select the Project Compare menu option

The Project Compare dialog displays



Select the required comparison:

  • .EAP to .EAP
  • DBMS to .EAP
  • .EAP to DBMS
  • DBMS to DBMS



In the Source Project and Target Project fields, type the name or connection string for the Source and Target projects



Click on the Compare Projects button

The results of the comparison display in the panel at the bottom of the dialog



If required, click on the Print List button to print the results