Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Create Project Shortcut

You can create a shortcut to an Enterprise Architect project (either a DBMS project or file based project). The shortcut can specify additional windows and diagrams to open up automatically every time the shortcut is run.

Shortcuts are stored with a .EAP extension, but are actually small text files that tell Enterprise Architect what project to open and what initial views and windows to display.

Access:    File | Save Project Shortcut

Use To:

  • Specify a working environment in advance, for other users

How to:

To create a project shortcut, follow the steps below:



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Open Enterprise Architect



Open the required project



Select the Save Project Shortcut menu option

The Save Project Shortcut dialog displays



Click on the (  ...  )  (Browse) button at the end of the Target File field

The Save Project As dialog displays



Browse for the appropriate file location and, in the File name field, type an appropriate filename

All shortcuts are .EAP files, regardless of whether the model itself is a .EAP file or a DBMS model



Click on the Save button to return to the Save Project Shortcut dialog



Click on the Add Other button and select the required option to define:

  • A diagram to open
  • A Relationship Matrix profile to open
  • The Team Review
  • A Model Search to perform



The appropriate browser or dialog displays to define the view to display; enter the details and click on the OK button

The view is added to the Actions when model is opened field; the entry is automatically selected, with a tick in the checkbox



Repeat steps 7 and 8 for as many additional views as you require



Review the items in the Actions when model is opened field

  • If you decide not to have an item in the shortcut, deselect its checkbox
  • If you want to clear all selected items, click on the Include None button

Unselected entries are deleted when you save the shortcut



If you decide to change the sequence and/or make a different view display first in the Diagram View:

  • Click on the appropriate entry
  • Click on the 'Up Hand' or 'Down Hand' buttons



Click on the OK button to save the shortcut



  • When you subsequently open the Save Project Shortcut dialog, it lists the currently-opened views in the order in which they were opened; you can add further views or remove them from the shortcut

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