Embedded Elements Sections

The RTF Report Template editor enables you to report on the following embedded elements on an element:

  • ActivityParameter
  • RequiredInterface
  • ActionPin
  • Port
  • EntryPoint
  • ExpansionNode
  • ObjectNode
  • ProvidedInterface
  • ExitPoint
  • Part




See also

Add Section For Embedded Elements

To report on the embedded elements on an element, select the Package | Element | Embedded Elements checkboxes

The embedded elements list is rendered into the RTF documentation at:

embedded elements >
<embedded elements



  • It is better to leave Embedded Elements sections blank to replicate their parent sections
    Embedded Elements sections do not contain the same sub-section detail as their parents; for example: Element::Embedded Elements does not contain sub-sections such as Scenario or Attribute, so where Embedded Elements sections are populated, these sub-sections are not rendered