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Report Elements From External Packages

Elements can be re-used in different diagrams across a model; this can often mean that a diagram contains elements that are held in packages other than the diagram's parent package.

When generating an RTF report on a package, you might want to include elements that are not held in that package, but that are referenced in diagrams within the package. To do this you must:

  • Select the appropriate diagram options on the Generate RTF Documentation dialog and/or the Diagram page of the diagram Properties dialog
  • Enable the appropriate template sections in the report template, as described in this topic

Access:    Project Browser package context menu | Documentation | Rich Text Format (RTF) Report (F8)

How To:

To enable the template sections, follow the steps below:



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Select the Rich Text Format (RTF) Report menu option

The Generate RTF Documentation dialog displays



In the Use Template field, click on the drop-down arrow and select the appropriate customized template (not a system-provided one)



Click on the Edit Template button to display the RTF Template Editor



In the Sections panel on the left-hand side of the editor window, select the Package::Element checkbox

Selecting the checkbox adds the following set of sections to the Content panel of the template:




Delete the [right-click-to-insert-Element-field(s)]  text to leave a blank area

Right-click and select the Insert Field | Name context menu option, this inserts an Element.Name field in the template



In the Sections panel, select the Package::Diagram::Element checkbox

Selecting the checkbox adds the following set of sections to the Content panel of the template:




To report on the linked elements in:

  • the same style as defined in the Package::Elements section, delete the [right-click-to-insert-Element-field(s)]  text to leave a blank area
  • a different style to the elements within the selected package, set up the style as appropriate

If using the Legacy RTF generator, the Element checkbox is automatically checked in your customized template, when you select the Document each contained element in RTF checkbox

Package::Diagram::Element, if left blank, replicates the format of Package::Element including sub-element sections (for example, Package::Element::Scenario); Package::Diagram::Element does not have an option to add these sections


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