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Reporting Profiled Relationship Matrices

The contents of a particular configuration of the Relationship Matrix can be saved as a profile, and these profiles can be included in RTF reports.




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Relationship Matrix Profiles

All Relationship Matrix profiles in your project are listed in the Resources window, in the Matrix Profiles folder

Relationship Matrix

Matrix Profiles


Reporting Profiles

The report captures Relationship Matrix contents that are profiled at at package level

If your report covers a tree of packages, only those profiles that include a source or target package in that tree are captured in the report


Render profiles

Relationship Matrix profiles are rendered into RTF Documentation by selecting the Package | Relationship Matrix checkbox in the RTF Style Template Editor; the matrix is rendered into the RTF documentation at:

relationship matrix >
<relationship matrix

By right-clicking between the markers, you can insert a number of fields to identify specific aspects of the profile, such as relationship name, direction, type, target element and element type, and source element and element type