Add Section Content

The RTF Style Template Editor uses pairs of tags to define the layout of the documentation content. To insert a pair of model component tags into the Content section of the Editor, use the Sections panel of the RTF Style Template Editor.

The beginning of a model component is represented by a yellow highlighted sectionname > tag; the end of the model component is represented by < sectionname.

How To:

To add model component content, follow the steps below



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Right-click in the area between the opening and closing tags; this displays a context menu that enables you to:

  • perform simple text editing (cut, copy and paste)
  • select from a list of defined project constants to insert at the cursor position; if no project constants have been defined, the menu option is not available
  • select from a context-sensitive list of fields to add to this component section of the RTF Documentation; any additional information entered between the tags is also included in the generated RTF Documentation

For example, in the connector> section shown below, the user has right-clicked in the fourth column of the table, underneath the <constraint tag; they can then select to add another field to the Notes on each connector listed in the table


Project Constants


  • If you select a field with short date format (such as Pkg.DateCreatedShort, Diagram.DateModifiedShort or Element.DateCreatedShort) the format is actually drawn from the MS Windows settings
    To use a different short date format, click on the Start icon on the Windows desktop and select the Control Panel | Regional and Language Options | Customize option