Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Sections and Columns

The editor enables you to divide a document into multiple sections. A multiple section document is useful to:

  • Vary the page margins from one page to another
  • Create multiple columns of text



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Create a new section

Select the Insert | Insert Break | Section Break menu option. This creates a new section on a new page

This option is not available when Edit | Edit Page Header/Footer is active


Edit the section parameters

Select the Edit | Edit Section menu option; the Section Parameters dialog displays


  • The number of columns and column spacing - text in a multiple column section wraps at the end of the column; when the text reaches the end of the page, it resumes in the next column
    When Page Mode is off, the page contains a single very thin and long column; when Page Mode is on, the correct column layout is shown
  • The orientation - Portrait or Landscape
  • Whether to start the new section on the next page
  • The direction of text flow
  • Any special printing characteristics for the section

You can also define any special page margins by selecting the File | Page Layout menu option

File and Print Options

Delete a section break

Move the cursor onto the section break line and press ( Delete )


Create a column break

Move the cursor to the appropriate point in the text and select the Insert | Insert Break | Column Break menu option

Normally in a multiple column section, the text flows from the end of one column to the top of the next column; a column break forces the text to the next column before the current column is completely filled

A column break is indicated by a line with a 'dot and dash' pattern; to delete the column break, simply position the cursor on the column break line and press ( Delete )