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Tagged Value Sections

Tagged Values can be reported:

  • As a group using a section, and
  • Individually using valueOf() fields

The following objects and connectors support Tagged Values:

  • Package Element
  • Element
  • Connector (and Source and Target elements)
  • Attribute
  • Operation (Method)
  • External Requirement

Each of these has an associated section in the RTF template editor, which includes both a Tagged Value subsection and the ability to insert a valueOf() field.




See also

Tagged Value Section

The Tagged Value section reports all Tagged Values for the object or connector



The valueOf Field

For the objects defined above you can add a valueOf() field to report a specific Tagged Value

To insert the field, right-click between the appropriate set of section tags and select the Insert Field | valueOf option, as shown for a Connector section below:


When you select the valueOf field from the context menu, the template editor prompts you to specify the Tagged Value from which to extract the value for the report output; this tag should be one of the tags associated with the model component, such as ConnectorAltName for a connector

When you provide the tag name, the template editor adds the field at the cursor position, in the format:


For example:


For clarity, you could type some lead-in text or the meaning of the Tagged Value immediately preceding the value field; for example:

                      Alternative Name: {Connector.valueOf(ConnectorAltName)}

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