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Page Mode

Turn Page Mode on (the equivalent of Print View in Word) or off (the equivalent of Normal View in Word)

In Page Mode, the editor displays one page at a time; it is most useful for documents containing multiple columns, as the columns are displayed side by side


Fitted View

Turn Fitted View on or off; this is a special case of Page Mode, in which the text wraps to the window width and the soft page breaks are not displayed

If you select Fitted View, Page Mode is automatically selected too; if you deselect Page Mode, Fitted View is automatically deselected too



Display or hide the ruler at the top of the page

The ruler shows tab stops and paragraph indentation marks; it can also be used to create or delete tab stops


Tool Bar

Display or hide the tool bar above the ruler

The tool bar provides a convenient method of selecting fonts, point sizes, character styles and paragraph properties; the tool bar also shows the current selection for font, point size and character styles


Status Ribbon

Display or hide the status ribbon at the bottom of the editing panel

The status ribbon displays the current page number, line number, column number and row number; it also indicates the current insert/overtype mode


Paragraph Marker

Display or hide the paragraph marker (an inverted 'P') at the end of each paragraph

This option is useful when working with lines with many different heights


Hidden Text

Show or hide 'hidden' text

Text formatted with the hidden attribute  is shown with a dotted underline; when the option is turned off, the hidden text is not visible

Character Formatting Options

Field Names

Insert, show and hide field names

As you develop your RTF document, you right-click on sections to insert field markers; you cannot insert these markers unless you have selected the Field Names option

When you deselect the option, existing field names are obscured


Page Header/Footer

Display or hide the text of page headers and footers; if Page Mode is not selected, this option turns Page Mode on

When Page Mode is selected, you cannot edit the header or footer text unless you also select the Edit | Edit Page Header/Footer menu option

When Page Mode is deselected, you can see and edit page headers and footers at the start of the document

Headers and Footers

Page Border

Display or hide a page outline in Page Mode

When Page Mode is deselected, this option is not available

When Page Border is selected, the document contents are shown within a page outline; when Page Border is deselected, the document contents are formatted within the boundaries of the editing screen



Shrink or enlarge the display of the document text, by selecting the appropriate percentage enlargement

The editor supports zoom percentages from 25 to 200