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Model XSD

XML schemas are modeled using UML Class diagrams. The XML Schema page of the Toolbox provides built-in support for the UML profile for XSD. This enables an abstract UML Class model to be automatically generated as a W3C XML Schema (XSD) file.

Access:   View | Toolbox > More tools | XML Schema

How To:



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Create a package in the Project Browser



Click on the New Diagram icon in the Project Browser

Project Browser Toolbar


Select UML Structural in the Select From field and Class in the Diagram Types field



Click on the More tools option in the Toolbox and select XML Schema from the list of Toolboxes

Diagram Toolbox


Click on the Schema icon from the Toolbox and drag it into the created Class diagram

When the New Diagram dialog is displayed, Select UML Structural in the Select From field and Class in the Diagram Types field to create a Class diagram.

Schema Icon


Enterprise Architect creates a new XSDschema stereotyped package with a Class diagram under it.

Open this Class diagram and use the constructs from the XML Schema Toolbox to model  the XML Schema


XML Schemas can also be modeled using the UML Profile for XSD.

XML Schema Group

UML profile for XSD




Employee Details





  • The UML attributes of the Classes map directly to XML elements or attributes
  • Classes have no methods since there is no meaningful correspondence between Class methods and XSD constructs

Modeling Restrictions:

The following XML Schema constructs cannot be modeled in Enterprise Architect:

  • appinfo
  • field
  • key
  • keyref
  • notation
  • redefine
  • selector
  • substitutionGroup
  • unique