Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Options - Code Editors

You access the source code editor options via the Code Editors page of the Options dialog. They enable you to configure options for Enterprise Architect's internal editor, as well as the default editor for DDL scripts. You can configure external editors for code languages on each language options page.

Access:     Tools | Options | Source Code Engineering > Code Editors

Use to:

  • Configure options for Enterprise Architect's internal editor
  • Configure the default editor for DDL Scripts
  • Configure DDL Name Templates




See also

DDL Editor

Specifies what DDL Editor is currently in use;  the (...) button opens a dialog that enables you to choose a default DDL editor


Default Database

Indicates the default database used


MySQL Storage Engine

Indicates the storage engine used


DDL Name Templates

Specifies the Foreign Key, Primary Key and Unique Constraint Name templates; the (...) button enables you to specify template names


Use inbuilt editor if no external editor set

Specifies the editor for code in a language if no external editor is defined for that language


Show Line Numbers

Shows line numbers in the editor


Show Structure Tree

Shows a tree with the results of parsing the open file (requires that the file is parsed successfully)


Don't parse files larger than

Specifies an upper limit on file size for parsing

Use this to prevent performance decrease due to parsing very large files


Syntax Highlighting Options

Specifies both global and language-specific editor language properties

Editor language properties

Automatically Reverse Engineer on File Save

When this is checked, pressing (Ctrl) + (S) to save in the source code editor automatically reverse engineers the code in the same way as the Save Source and Re-Synchronize Class button does