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Assign Action Pins

Apart from adding Action Pins to any Action, you can assign specialized input or output Action Pins to Actions that have a specific type (that is, those that are not Basic or Atomic Actions). These input/output Pins signify various properties of the Action - they are not visible as structures on the diagram unless they have previously been added, but are listed in the Project Browser as properties of the Action.

You can only assign Pins that have already been added or assigned to the Action, or that are being created specifically to be assigned to the Action.

How to:

To assign Pins to an Action, follow the steps below:



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Right-click on the Action in the diagram, and select the Advanced | Assign Action Pins context menu option

The Assign Action Pins to <ActionName> dialog displays

The format of this dialog depends on the type of Action: for a:

  • SendObject Action the dialog has two fields (request and target)
  • TestIdentity Action, three
  • CallBehavior Action, one (result)

The fields are populated in exactly the same way



The mandatory number and type of Pins are automatically selected (if they exist) or created

To change or add a Pin in a field, click on the corresponding Add button

The Select Pins dialog displays, showing the selected Action and listing all the input Pins currently owned by the Action

Instance Classifier


Double-click on one of the Pins (or, depending on the multiplicity of the Pin, ( Ctrl ) +click on several Pins)

Alternatively, if no suitable Pin exists, click on the Add New button and then click on the newly-created Pin

The selected Pin is identified in the field on the Assign Action Pins to <ActionName> dialog



Click on the OK button


To check the exact location of an assigned Action Pin, you can right-click on the Pin name in the dialog and select the Find in Project Browser context menu option.

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