Class Invariant Dialog

You use the Class Invariant dialog to define or edit the invariant constraint on a Class that is subject to Testpoint tests. A Class invariant is evaluated by the Analyzer whenever a method called on an object of the Class completes.

Access:    Double-click on the Class item in the Testpoints window




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Defaults to Invariant

Leave this value or, if required, overtype it with your preferred name



Click on the ( ... ) button

The Testpoint Editor dialog displays, listing the conditions currently set on the operation; you can create, delete and re-sequence the conditions on this dialog

Testpoint Editor

Action on Fail

Click on the drop-down arrow and select from the three options:

  • Continue - ignore the failure
  • Break execution - halt the run and display the Stack trace
  • Disable on fail - do not execute the test again



Click on this button to apply your changes


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