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Run Model Simulation

You run a model simulation through the Simulation window, by executing the activated simulation script configured for the model package.

Access:    Analyzer | Simulation > Output




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The simulation executes the model step-by-step, enabling you to validate the logic of your behavior model; the simulation automatically highlights the execution step in the model's diagram

If a branch is encountered in the execution, the simulator prompts you to choose the appropriate path to take in your execution

The Simulation window toolbar icons are explained in the table below

Activate Simulation Script



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Start the simulator using the activated simulation script

Activate Simulation Script


Pause the simulation



Varies the execution rate of the simulation between 0% and 100%

  • If you select a rate of 100%, the simulator executes the simulation at the fastest possible rate
  • If you select a rate of 0%, the simulator breaks execution at every statement


Simulation_stepOver Simulation_stepIn Simulation_stepOut

When the simulation is paused, step over, step in and step out to control the simulator's execution at the required step in the model simulation



Stop the simulation



  • The Simulation tool only becomes active when a valid simulation Execution Script is activated

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