Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Import ArcGIS XML Workspace

Enterprise Architect can import a Geodatabase Workspace XML Document (containing the ArcGIS schema) from the Esri ArcCatalog.

Access    Click on the target package in the Project Browser, then select one of the following:

              Extensions | Import | ArcGIS
        Extensions | ArcGIS | Import ArcGIS Workspace XML

              Project | Model Import/Export | Import Package From XMI File: Other XML File Formats | ArcGIS
        Right-click | Import/Export | Import Package From XMI File: Other XML File Formats | ArcGIS

Use to

Import a Geodatabase Workspace XML Document into an Enterprise Architect ArcGIS model


On the Import Package from ArcGIS XML dialog:



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Type in or browse for the name of the ArcGIS XML file to import.



Create Diagrams

Select the checkbox to create Class diagrams under the imported packages.



Strip GUIDs

The Strip GUIDs feature is currently mandatory for ArcGIS imports, which means that elements are created 'as new' each time an ArcGIS schema is imported.



Write Log File

Select to write a log of import activity (recommended).

The log file is saved in the directory from which the file is being imported, with the same name as the imported file plus the suffix _import.log.



View XML

Click to view the XML before import.




Click to import the ArcGIS XML file.




Click to close this dialog.




Click to display this Help page.



Import Progress

Indicates the progress of the import.



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