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Testpoint Editor

You use the editor to compose constraints for a Class or an Operation. The types of constraints permitted are dependent on the selected object. For classes, the type will default to Invariant. For operations, the editor allows for the selection of a Testpoint type.

Invariants are evaluated by the Analyzer whenever a method called on an object of the Class completes. Pre-conditions are evaluated at the beginning of all calls to that function. Post-conditions are evaluated at the completion of all calls to that function. Line-conditions are evaluated each time that line of code is evaluated.

Access    Double-click on the Class item in the Testpoints window




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The type of constraint, for constraints on classes the only possible value is Invariant.





The constraint to be evaluated when this testpoint is being evaluated. A status of pass or fail will be recorded depending on this constraint evaluating to true or false.


Condition Syntax

Evaluate When

When specified, this allows a testpoint to be conditionally evaluated, allowing greater control over test coverage.


Condition Syntax

Action on Fail

Click on the drop-down arrow and select from the three options:

Continue - ignore the failure
Break execution - halt the run and display the Stack trace
Disable on fail - do not execute the test again




Click on this button to apply your changes.



Testpoint Trace:

The dialog also contains fields for Testpoint Trace statements.



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View the current traces and/or, if necessary, type in a new trace statement. Trace statements differ from constraints, being statements that can return the values of variables (similar to a Debug.Print or Session.output statement). They are not set in the code, but stored in the model.


Testpoint Management


Select the required level of trace statement to be output:

Fail Only - output is traced only when the testpoint condition fails
Always - output is traced every time the testpoint is evaluated



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