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The Testpoint Manager Window

The Testpoints window lists the test and trace items for the testpoint object currently selected on a diagram or in the Project Browser.

You can execute, stop and filter the test runs using the window toolbar.

Access    Analyzer | Test | Testpoint Manager

Use to

Review tests and traces for testpoint objects




See also


Displays the name of the selected Testpoint object and the hierarchy of objects beneath it.

The selected object can be a:

TestSet or


Test Cut

Test Set

Test Suite


If the test object represents an operation, an icon is displayed here when the test run commences, indicating a successful binding of that method's constraints.




A pencil icon in this column indicates that constraints are defined for this item.

Double-click on the item to add a constraint (no pencil icon) or edit the existing constraints (pencil icon).


Class Invariant dialog


Displays the username of the author of the constraints.




During a test run, indicates the last evaluated status of the test - either pass or fail.




During a test run, indicates the number of times the Execution Analyzer has evaluated this test.




During a test run, indicates the number of times the test passed.




During a test run, indicates the number of times the test failed.



Last Run By

Displays the username of the last person to run this test.



Last Run Date

Displays the date this test was last evaluated.



Last Run Result

If the test has previously been run, displays the result of the last run.



Parent Collections

Lists any parent collections that include the selected object as part of their design.

Double-click this collection to make it the selected object in the left pane.



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