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The Testpoints Window Toolbar

The Testpoint window toolbar enables you to execute, stop and filter the output of a Test run.

Access     Analyzer | Test | Testpoint Manager

Use to

Manage the execution of a test run





See also

Text field

Display the currently-selected test point object.




Execute the test run.




Stop the test run.




Toggle between showing all items and showing only those items that have constraints.




Toggle between showing all items and showing only operations that have been selected; this button is only enabled when a Testcut is selected.

When a Testcut is selected, each of the operations of its Class are displayed with a checkbox; you use this checkbox to select the operations of the Testcut.




Display the Test Option menu, providing the following options:

All - Run all tests: include all tests and all trace statements
Testpoints Only - Run tests only: exclude trace statements
Tracepoints Only - Run trace statements only: exclude tests
Trace Level menu:
Disabled - All trace statements are excluded
Level 1 - Level 1 trace statements are included
Level 2 - Level 1 and 2 trace statements are included
Level 3 - All trace statements are included
Trace Output menu:
Prefix With Function Call - Prefix all trace output lines with the executing function name
Enable Breakpoints - When not checked, test run ignores any breakpoints in current breakpoint set, and attempts to set breakpoint during run are ignored.




Display The Testpoints Window help topic.



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