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Add a View To Your Model

A View is a top level package, within a model. It can be categorized by purpose using different icon types, such as Use Case View, Component View  or Deployment View. Views are used to contain packages, diagrams and elements - the building blocks of your model.

Use to

Create a new View in your project

How to add a View



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Select a model root node in the Project Browser, then either:

Click the Add a Package button () on the Project Browser toolbar
Select Project | New Package
Right-click the model root node and, from the context menu, select New View, or
Press ( Ctrl + W )


The Create New View dialog displays.




Enter an appropriate name for the new View.




Click the appropriate radio button to select an icon for the View.




Click on the OK button.

The Create New View dialog closes.

The new View is created as a child of the selected model root node.




There are six types of View, which represent conventional ways of categorizing the purpose of a Model View; these Views represent different structural or behavioral aspects of the same model

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