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Record Menu

The Record menu provides various options for recording a debug session.

The Record Menu




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Display the Record & Analyze window, which enables you to review the information recorded during a debug session.



The Recording History

Recorder Toolbar

Start Debug Recording

Enabled when the program is at a breakpoint.

Enter manual record mode; each time you step into a function, the call is captured.

When you step out, the return is captured.



Stop Debug Recording

Enabled when recording is in progress.

Stops recording.



Auto Record Thread

Enabled when the program is at a breakpoint.

The thread that is halted is recorded, and the program resumes execution; whenever the thread makes a function call or a function call exits, this information is captured to the History window.

The Stack Trace History, Stack tab and Source Code Editor dynamically update to reflect the current execution sequence for the thread; Stack Trace Recording ends when the thread ends or when you click on the Stop button.



Show/Hide Execution

Display the executing code while the recording is in progress; this slows recording down considerably, and is not used when recording is being controlled by recording markers.

The Call Stack is updated in realtime, even while recording is in progress.

Watching this window while recording can give a quick picture of what is going on, even without producing a Sequence diagram.



View the Call Stack

Generate Sequence Diagram from Recording History


Create a Sequence diagram from the Record & Analyse window.


Generating Sequence Diagrams