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Software Engineers

Software Engineers using Enterprise Architect can map Use Cases onto Class diagrams, detail the interactions between Classes, define the system deployment with Deployment diagrams and define software packages with Package diagrams.

Software Engineering Tasks



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Map Use Cases into Detailed Classes

In Enterprise Architect the Software Engineer can study the Use Cases developed by the Software Architect, and with that information create Classes that fulfill the objectives defined in the Use Cases.

A Class is one of the standard UML constructs that is used to detail the pattern from which objects are produced at run time; to record the relationships between Use Cases and Classes, the Software Engineer can create diagrams linking the elements with Realize connectors, and/or map the Realize connectors in the Relationship Matrix.




Use Cases

Example Use Case Diagram

Class Diagram


Relationship Matrix

Detail Interaction Between Classes

Interaction diagrams (Sequence and Communication diagrams) enable the Software Engineer to model the dynamic design of the system.

Sequence diagrams are used to detail the messages passed between objects and the lifetimes of the objects.

Communication diagrams are similar to Sequence diagrams, but are used instead to display the way in which objects interact with other objects.




Define System Deployment

Deployment diagrams can be used to provide a static view of the run-time configuration of processing nodes and the components that run on the nodes.

Deployment diagrams can be used to show the connections between hardware, software and any middleware that is used on a system, to explain the connections and relationships of the components.



Define Software Packages

The Software Engineer can use Package diagrams to detail the software architecture.

Package diagrams are used to organize diagrams and elements into manageable groups, declaring the dependencies.



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