Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.


The Tools menu provides access to various tools including those related to code engineering, model management, spell checking, customization of features and setting operational options.

The Tools Menu




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Open Source File

Open any type of external source file (code, XML, DDL) for editing.


Ctrl + Alt + O

Compare Editors

Source Code Engineering


Display the Source Code Engineering submenu.


Source Code Engineering

Database Engineering

Display the Database Engineering submenu.



Database Engineering

Web Services

Display the Web Services submenu.



Web Services

XML Schema

Display the XML Schema submenu.



XML Schema

Model Transformation (MDA)


Display the Model Transformation submenu.


Model Transformation

Spelling Tools

Configure and run the spelling checker.



Configure and Run

Data Management

Manage your project's data.


Data Management Submenu

MDG Technology Import

Import an MDG Technology file to APPDATA.

(Not available in the Desktop edition.)



Import a file

Generate MDG Technology File

Display the MDG Technology Wizard.

(Not available in the Desktop edition.)



MDG Technology Wizard

ODBC Data Sources

Open the Windows system ODBC Data sources administration tool. This is useful when defining connections to EA repositories, or when setting up connections to data sources for reverse engineering purposes.



The Customize Dialog

System Information

Open the Windows System Information tool which allows you to explore the various configurations and settings active on your current system.



The Customize Dialog


Customize the operation of Enterprise Architect. Allows you to modify the main menu, toolbars, tools and other user interface behavior to your particular preferences.



The Customize Dialog


Customize your general settings through the Options dialog. These options govern how many processes within EA are executed, and how various elements are displayed.


Ctrl + F9

Options dialog