Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.


Using the View menu, you can display and/or focus on any of the Enterprise Architect windows or toolbars, and set the visual style of your workspace.

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View Menu Options




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Workspaces and Commands

Show the Workspaces and Commands dialog for changing the content and layout of the Enterprise Architect workspace and for customizing the User Interface menus.



Manage Workspace Layout

Customize Command Sets


Learning Center

Show the Learning Center, providing context-specific help topics, online resources and facilities in a number of specific work areas in Enterprise Architect.


Ctrl + Shift + 9

Learning Center

Project Browser

Display the Project Browser, for browsing and exploring your model; this displays the hierarchical arrangement of packages, elements and features within the model.


Alt + 0

The Project Browser

Package Browser

Display the elements of the current package in the Package Browser, as a context-sensitive, editable table.


Ctrl + Alt + R

Package Browser

Model Views

Show the Model Views window, through which you can create filtered views of selected areas or aspects of your model.


Ctrl + Shift + 5

Model Views

More Project Tools

Display a submenu containing options for the Resources and Project Information windows, and the internal Web Browser.



View Submenus

Personal Information

Display the Personal Information window, which enables you to email project team members and report on the work and tasks assigned to you.



Personal Information

Team Review

Show the Team Review window, the portal for a discussion forum within your development team community.


Ctrl + Alt + U

Team Review Tools

Task Allocations

Show the Project Task Allocation window, through which you  manage work tasks allocated within the project and run  reports on the components associated with the  tasks.



Project Task Allocation

Diagram Toolbox

Show the Diagram Toolbox, a panel of icons for creating elements and connectors on a diagram; there are pages of icons for each UML, Extended and MDG Technology diagram type.


Alt + 5

Diagram Toolbox

Diagram Filters

Display the Diagram Filters window, for selecting the elements to show or hide on a diagram.



Diagram Filters

Diagram Layout

Display the Layout Tools window, for reformatting your diagram in one of a range of layouts.



Layout Diagrams

Pan and Zoom

Display the Pan & Zoom window for panning across a diagram to display sections at greater magnification.


Ctrl + Shift + N

The Pan & Zoom Window

Element Properties

Show the Properties window for the selected element, which provides an editable table of the common properties of the selected element.


Alt + 1

Properties Window


List a selected element's connectors on the Relationships window.


Ctrl + Shift + 2

The Relationships Window


Show the Traceability window, for tracing the relationships of an element through the model.


Ctrl + Shift + 4

The Traceability Window

More Element Tools

Display a submenu containing options to access the:

Scenarios & Requirements window
Element Browser
Project Management window
Maintenance window
Testing window and
Source Code window



View Submenus

Relationship Matrix

Display the Relationship Matrix, to cross reference elements to each other by connector type.



Relationship Matrix

Gap Analysis Matrix

Display the Gap Analysis Matrix to analyze model artifacts for potential gaps in the solution.



Gap Analysis Matrix


Show the Notes window, to create and review the explanatory text on a diagram, element, feature or connector.


Ctrl + Shift + 1


Tagged Values

Show the Tagged Values window, to add further properties to a modeling object beyond those supported by UML.


Ctrl + Shift + 6

Tagged Values

System Output

Show the Output window

Ctrl + Shift + 8

The System Output Window



Show the Scripting window.





Show or hide individual toolbars.



View Submenus

Visual Style

Set the Visual Style and a number of other display options.



View Submenus