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Intermediary Language Debugging

Access    Project Browser package context menu | Transform Current Package (Ctrl+Shift+H)

The script from an MDA template produces intermediate language text. However, on generating the model this script could return errors.

When an error occurs, the generated text can be viewed externally, preferably in an editor that prompts on updates to the file alterations.


For a MySQL database, the template code might resemble the following:

$enumFieldName = "test"




   name=%qt%%CONVERT_NAME($enumFieldName, "Pascal Case","Camel Case")%%qt%




This returns the output in the generated text file as:




 name = "test"

 type = "ENUM"



If there was an error in the original transform, such as a spelling error - 'Colum' - clicking the Do Transform button returns an error message referring to the first line of intermediate code that includes the error 'Colum'.

How to

When errors are returned on generating altered code, to debug the problem follow the steps below:



See also


Select the package to be transformed, and the Transform Current Package context menu.

The Model Transformations dialog displays.


Transform Elements


In the Name column, select the checkbox against the type of transformation being altered.




In the Intermediary File field, click on the ( ... ) button and set the file location into which to generate the code.




Select the Write Always checkbox, and click on the Write Now button to generate the script.

This only generates the script, not the model.




If an error is returned specifying the line number of the problem, open the file in an external Code Editor (with Line Numbering) and locate the line number of problem.




Alter the template code to correct the error.




Click on the Do Transform button to check that the alteration corrected the problem.