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Profile Group

The Profile group contains extended UML elements and connectors that can be used to create and modify Profiles, for rapidly creating stereotypes and Tagged Values that can be applied to structures such as elements, attributes, methods and connectors.





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Profiles are used to provide a generic extension mechanism for building UML models in particular domains; they are based on additional Stereotypes and Tagged Values that are applied to structures such as elements, attributes, methods, connectors and connector ends.

A Stereotype provides a mechanism for varying the behavior and type of a model element.

A Metaclass is used to create a Class whose instances are Classes; a metaclass is typically used to construct metamodels.

An Enumeration creates a Class stereotyped as enumeration, which is used to provide a list of named values as the range of a particular type.

An Extension relationship shows that a stereotype extends a metaclass; all stereotypes must extend either one or more metaclasses, or another stereotype that extends a stereotype (that itself extends a stereotype, and so on).

A Generalize relationship shows that one stereotype specializes a more general stereotype; the more general stereotype must still extend a metaclass.

A Tagged Value relationship defines a reference-type (that is, RefGUID) Tagged Value owned by the source stereotype; the Tagged Value is named for the target role of this association, and is limited to referencing elements with the stereotype by the association target element.

The Application and Redefinition relationships are deprecated.

To add an element to the current diagram, click on the required icon and drag it into position on the diagram; set an element name and other properties as prompted.

To add a relationship, click on the required icon, then click on the start element in the diagram and drag to the end element.



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